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While there are other sites that list per diem hotels, only GovRooms allows you to search for government rate hotels on a map to find the closest per diem hotel to where you need to go - whether it's a conference center, trade show, office building or military base (we list military bases on the map too!) is the newest site for searching for per diem hotels for federal travelers and state government travelers.

Search over 18,000 General Service Administration (GSA) approved hotels that offer a government hotel rate that is at or below the Federal Per Diem for their location.

Search Hotels at Per Diem Rates by City, Zip Code, or even Airport Code or point of interest and find per diem hotels on our map.

* makes no guarantees to the accuracy of these rates. For complete information visit: The GSA website. The Government Services Administration (GSA) updates hotel per diem rates for federal travel annually in September. The 2011 per diem rates for hotels will be psoted September 1, 2010. However the GSA can make changes to a hotel's per diem rates (actually, the per diem rate for the corresponding city, zip code, or region) throughout the year, so government travelers should be aware that our per diem rates are updated annually, or when we receive notification of a per diem rate change.

There is no guarantee of room availability.

All hotels are compliant with Fire Safety Act and are registered with the US Fire Administration.